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The LIFE DUERO project has identified different areas of action within the Trabancos, Zapardiel and Arevalillo rivers, each with its own particular needs and problems, so each one has its own Action project.

However, all projects share some basic objectives: to increase the goods and services offered by aquatic systems when, through well planned and sized actions, their naturalness is increased.

In different towns within the area of the LIFE DUERO, a series of bank decanalization actions have begun with surprising and visible results in the short term.​​ An example is the decanalizations carried out on the Zapardiel River in the towns of Lomoviejo and Tordesillas, where the river has been reconnected again with sections of its old bed.  

With the recovery of the old bed the biological communities that are own will return , but it is also achieved the reconnection of the river with its vegas, in which an important socioeconomic activity depending on them is developed.

In addition, the decanalization allows the river to occupy the river space at times of flooding, favoring the fertilization of pastures and the entry of a greater amount of water into the aquifers from which the irrigation water for the crops is obtained. fertilización de pastos y la entrada de una mayor cantidad de agua hacia los acuíferos desde los que se obtiene el agua de riego para las cosechas.

On the other hand, the renaturalization of these beds and the recovery of the river space result in greater protection against floods, a pressing need in certain points of the Arevalillo river, in which the flooding phenomena of urban areas are recurrent. By providing the river with enough space, while eliminating obsolete structures such as some problematic azudes, the height of the water in the floods decreases and therefore the protection against floods increases.

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